Canari Project gets Sponsors!

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Open source software projects have contributed so much to our daily lives. From open source and commercial grade web servers (e.g. Apache, Lighttpd, etc.) to network operating systems (e.g. FreeBSD, Linux, etc.) to web browser technology (e.g. Firefox, V8, etc.). What’s even more inspiring is that a lot of this work is done for free and a lot of the times the creators and contributors of these projects are never financially compensated for their work. This is why it’s always great to see the private sector lend a helping hand in some of these projects.

Finding the Ghost in the Wire

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Everybody’s seen it; that scene in a movie where the CIA or some other über intelligence agency is being hacked. Suddenly, the alarm gets tripped at command central, the chief quickly orders his staff to give him a status update. Then, the scene focuses on an officer using a see-through touch screens, navigating visually mapped out pieces of information, gathering intelligence. In less than a few seconds, they’ve figured out the threat and how to containit. After a few countermeasures, explosions, and exciting car chases, the world is safe again. Wouldn’t it be nice if defensive security were like this?