MaltegoSploit – Metasploit Transforms For Maltego

Written by Nadeem Douba on . Posted in Blog, Metasploit, Sploitego

Alas, a new dawn has broken and Sploitego is now armed with fangs. That’s right, the penetration testing transform pack you’ve come to know and love now has a set of Exploitation transforms; Metasploit transforms to be precise. Developing the Metasploit transforms was no easy ordeal. It involved a great deal of research (YouTube cat video marathons), reverse engineering, and integration of several different technologies to come up with the final product.

Sploitego: Canari’s Ancestor

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Welcome to Canari’s first ever home page. Who knew that after all this agony I could pull off creating a website with the help of my wife (after much begging) and a bunch of random templates. You may be wondering why this first post is about Sploitego and not Canari? Well, believe it or not, Canari was initially known as Sploitego before it branched out into two projects:

  • Canari: the awesome local transform framework for Maltego that permits transform developers to easily create powerful and amazing transforms with a few lines of code.

  • Sploitego: the equally awesome transform package that runs on top of the Canari framework and provides some pretty evil transforms to aid in reconnaissance and penetration testing activities.