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The Canari Framework

Welcome to the new home of the Canari framework; the most advanced and easy-to-use local and remote transform framework for Maltego. We’re still settling in but over time this site will be the goto place for all things Canari.

Free and Open Source Software!

No need to dive into your wallet to pull out your credit card to use this great framework. Canari's keepin' it real by being free and open source!

Easy-To-Use & Extendable

Using the framework is as easy as printing "Hello World!". Also, the framework is open source so you can extend it to your heart's delight!

Multi-Programming Language Support

The framework is completely built with Python 2.x and has support for local Maltego transforms written in C/C++, PERL, Ruby, JAVA, and other languages.

Easy Local Transform Distribution

Not only are Canari local transform packages easy to develop but they're also a cinch to distribute. Enjoy the benefits of publishing your transforms using the Canari Package Index (CaPI)...